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Are you losing business to competitors that have the latest ACH and Check21 products?

Do you force customers to conform to your specifications for ACH file formats or Financial EDI?

Do you turn down customers because you are not willing to take the risk for ACH origination?

Offer your corporate customers the electronic financial services they demand.
The Landmark EFS Suite allows banks to offer a complete line of ACH and Check21 products to their customers. Landmark Clearing takes the burden off of your operations team for rules compliance, risk management, implementation, and training.
Landmark EFS Suite includes:

Landmark Virtual Terminal
Landmark Commercial EBPP
Landmark Check21 Desktop Deposit
Landmark ARC
Landmark RCKPLUS
Landmark 2nd Source ACH
Landmark Financial EDI
Custom File Integration for Batch Loading
Implementation Services
Training Services
Sales and Marketing Service

Also, please ask us about:

EDI services
Credit card services
Customized input and output files